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BC-Sense™ is a short range multi-purpose tool for the first responders able to detect and characterize Biological (B) and Chemical (C) contamination. It is aimed to examine inaccessible objects, the surfaces of construction elements, walls, furniture, clothes, etc., as well as other solid and liquid objects for the presence of B and C threats. It is also aimed to monitor the efficiency of decontamination activity.

In order to avoid dangerous exposure to first responders in affected zone BC-Sense™ provides detection in non-contact mode at the distances up to 10- 20 metres. This portable device is to be carried by two persons and capable of operation directly on-site in fast and easy-to-use mode with real-time delivering of the sensing result.

BC-Sense™ operation is based on the method of Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) with hyper-spectral analysis of the echo-signal. The use of dual wavelengths laser source provides high sensitivity and selectivity of detection, thus reducing the false-alarm rate. 



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