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Portable spectral analyzer SFS-Probe™

SFS-Probe™ is a handheld device with optical fiber probe aimed to detect Biological and Chemical contamination on the solid surfaces. It works as a quick screening tool for cleanness control of the work surfaces, raw materials and products in industrial environment and in the field. The device provides rapid detection directly on-site without sample preparation.

The analyzer is assembled in a plastic carrying case and operates with a battery. External fiber-optic cable is equipped with the handle for inspection of the solid surfaces. The operation of the device and data processing is controlled by integrated tablet PC with wireless connection to the device. The table PC can be fixed either on the device case or directly on the probe handle.

The SFS-Probe™ is based on the measurement and analysis of Spectral Fluorescent Signatures (SFS) - three dimensional spectral matrix of fluorescence intensity in coordinates of excitation and emission wavelength. Different substances have different SFS or spectral ‘fingerprint’. The SFSs of the sought after compounds are previously measured and stored in the database for later build of appropriate model of expert system  for specific application.



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Measurement with SFS-Probe™

SFS-Probe™ software window

The SFS analysis is done using pattern recognition algorithms by decomposing the measured SFS and comparing the patterns with corresponding spectral data in the SFS library. Different compounds in a mixture can be recognized and quantified without separation of individual substances. 

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