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Recently completed: 

2013-2016 - EC FP7 Project "End-user Driven Demo for CBRNE" (EDEN): 

    In a world facing an increased risk of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and explosive (CBRNe) incidents or threats caused by man-made or natural hazards, CBRNe Security has become a high priority in the European Union and beyond over the past decade. The EDEN Demonstration Project, funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Research Programme on Secure Societies, represents the biggest research effort ever made in the CBRNe area in the European Union to provide solutions for improving CBRNe resilience and enhancing interoperability and effectiveness between CBRNe operators.

    LDI Innovation provided optical sensors for instant detection of Biological and Chemical agents. The developments were demonstrated at the CBRNE Innovation Fair 2016, more details ...     


    2013-2015- International Project "Development of an Oil Spill Detection System based on information and laser remote sensing technology" supported by Norway Grants under the programme “Green Industry Innovation”:

    LDI Innovation provided remote sensing solution based on proprietary patented technology of advanced shipboard Hyperspectral LiDARs (Light Detection And Ranging) further commercialized by the Company Ocean Visuals AS, more details...     

    We leaded the developments of research groups and contributions of 
    engineering teams to the following international projects:

    Security projects:  

    2010-2014- FP7 Project BONAS (BOmb factory detection by Networks of Advanced Sensors)

    2009-2014- FP7 Project DELICAT (Demonstration of LIDAR based Clear Air Turbulence detection)

    2006-2008- FP6 Project CASAM (Civil Aircraft Security Against MANPADS)

    2006-2008- PASR 2006 Project BODE (Biological Optical Detection Experiment)

    Environmental projects:

    2009-2011- "The Potential of Currents for Environmental Management of the Baltic Sea Maritime Industry“ (BALTIC WAY), EC R&D Programme to protect the Baltic Sea (BONUS)

    2008-2010- "Detection and Evaluation of Oil Spills by Optical Methods" (DEOSOM), EU Accidental Marine Pollution ERA-NET (AMPERA) program

    2005- “Detection & identification of oil pollution in water” (OHMSETT, US Coast Guard)

    2004- “Detection & mapping of oil on water” (Field trials in the Framework Bonn Agreement)

    2003- "Aquatic vegetation monitoring" (Grand River Authorities, ONTARIO)

    1997-1999- "Baltic Sea System Study " (BASYS), EU Marine, Science and Technology Programme MAST III)

    1998- “Pollution Monitoring and Enforcement Legislation”, EU PHARE Program, project ES9408

    1995- "Ocean Marginal Exchange" (OMEX), EU Marine, Science and Technology Programme MAST III)




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